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06 December 2008 @ 06:47 pm
Whoa. So I went to the Acropolis last night for the first time, which by the way, was awesome! In case you are not familiar the Acropolis is a Steakhouse Plus. The plus is for naked girls! Dancing! Yee haw. It kind of reminded me of sizzler with strippers. maybe it was because of the salad bar.

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24 May 2008 @ 08:21 am
Overheard last night - a frat boy talking about the acropolis, a strip club where you can eat steak :

"Bro, It's like you're eating titty while you're watching titty. It's the ultimate high!"
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06 May 2008 @ 01:22 am
Today I bought a sweet bike! its a trek. its a road bike. i found it on craigslist. i paid 140. i thought i would be happy with a road bike even if it was a little too big, but when i got there and rode it, it was EXACTLY the right size! What a great day.

Later on I went down to the river. It was cinco de mayo, and they've been having some type of festival with all the rides and flashing lights. I've heard its expensive, so I just headed downtown to people watch. None of my friends were interested in going, so i went solo. First thing on the agenda was to get a drink. I had $ 5 in cash money and figured that would be enough. I ducked into this bar called Fox and Hound were the drinks are stiff and the gay bartender is bitchy. But the drink cost exactly $5, so not wanting to be a jerk and buy one drink with a credit card, i had 2, then walked down to the park. I got there at 11. The festival was over. Can you believe that?

I decided to just walk and see if anything was happening. A group of 7 or so teenage guys were walking ahead of me, and 3 teenage girls behind me. at one point, and im not exactly sure why, 2 of the guys ahead of me started barking very loudly like dogs. Seconds later one of the girls behind me immitated it, and said something snide. Her friends got all mad at her and she gave them attitude. A little later the guy barked again, and the girl behind me did it again but louder. The guys turned around to see what was up. The girl's friends told her to knock it off. and i remember she said to the other girls loudly "why what are they going to do, hit me? I don't care" At that point i figured i wasn't in the best position, and headed back.

I walked into the Shanghai Tunnel because i really had to pee. After using their fucking disgusting facilities, I played a few games of family guy pinball. Some people were sitting at a booth to my right. For some reason the movement at their table caught my eye, I turned and looked over - they were all making out with eachother. This made me smile, because i've been there before. A few years ago I did that kind of thing out at bars. now i just think its silly.

after i lost all the games of pinball i left the shanghai tunnel and started heading back towards the car. I walked past an all ages venue. I saw a bunch of teens or maybe "tweens" all with different variations of the same haircut. There was the pompador-mullet, the emo comb forward mullet, the fauxhawk fashion mullet, etc. Again I smiled because i;ve been there.

Now I'm at home and i'm on a mission to watch a clip of every tv show i've ever seen. This should be especially hard since my parents are tv addicts. God bless the internet.
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18 April 2008 @ 11:51 am
I've got this crazy weed growing in my garden. When you grab the thing to pull it out of the ground it shoots seeds in every direction. This first time it happened I thought I was being attacked by bugs. I wonder what these plants are called.
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17 April 2008 @ 10:05 am
Well I've been gone from the OC long enough not to hate, and just enjoy myself seeing it through "tourist" eyes.

My girlfriend grew up in hippy Oregon, so taking her to Downtown Disney was fun. She was overwhelmed at all the commercialism and consumerism swimming around her. I got to explain that living in Southern California was like living in a giant mall, and she understood.

We also tried on funny hats.

We went down for my friend "z" and "a"'s wedding. It was a pretty wedding. It was very hot outside. besides my girlfriend's "near death experience" it was very nice. It is also a strange thing. z and a have been together so long they already are married in a way. Now it's just Official.

I was shocked to see who the photographer was at the wedding. "z" was still in touch with the same guy who had ruined my car, and every other employee of Diedrichs who let him, by allowing him to "fix" some problem. He hammered something into my engine. I remember yelling at him about it at the time and him being like " its ok, its supposed to fit in there" and something falling out the bottom and him saying " you don't need that". Another friend reminded me that that same photographer had also used a hammer when "fixing" her brakes. The same photographer who kept nude pictures of himself in the back of his car and showed them to anyone if something they said reminded him of the "funny" story that led up to the photos being taken. He even had them in wallet size. The same photographer who told me being gay is a choice, similar to picking a favorite color. You may like that color, he said, but you are not born liking that color.

Besides that everything was sweet. I got to see Wendyismyname. It has been a very very very long time. I am glad she's dating the person she's dating, because he is really really rad.

I saw some old friends "c" and "J" from Highschool.

and of course, i drank with theothersara.

I finally got my parents to put in a vegetable garden. It took a crazy amount of arm twisting. They'll thank me when they're eating a salad with the cucumbers, lettuce, and tomatoes they grew themselves.

And finally, we went to the beach.

More pictures are on my flickr.
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20 March 2008 @ 05:29 pm
My new favorite television program. Last night we had our first Americas Next Top Model party and drinking game.

Take a drink when:

-someone screams
-someone crys
-someone refers to themselves in the third person
-someone says fierce
-someone says "Tyra"

Try it! you will not be dissapointed!

The night could not have been more perfect. Everyone who attended made it amazing.

Hope to see everyone again next week. Maybe we could dress up?
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17 March 2008 @ 11:05 pm
I have a goal to watch every Bette Davis movie ever made. Well, at least all the ones available at the multnomah county library.

So far I've seen

Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?
Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte

I'm waiting on
Dead Ringer
The Anniversary.

In Hush Hush sweet Charlotte is an awesome movie. Its not quite as freaky as Baby Jane, but it has an amazing cast. In the supporting roles we have Joseph Cotten from Citizen Kane and Olivia de Havilland from Gone With the Wind.

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05 March 2008 @ 10:28 am
I woke up late and needed to take my ambulance out on its daily run. I warmed it up, got in and hit the road.

So I enter the freeway and start heading over the fremont bridge which goes over the river to downtown. I hate that bridge because of those things. I hate heights, I hate large bodies of water, I don't trust bridges, and freeways are chaotic.

I get in the lane that i need to be in, and suddenly-no pressure. I pull to the right and keep going- slower, and slower, and slower.

Finally I pull all the way to the shoulder. "This cant be happening" i think. " I cant be running out of gas on the freeway bridge over the river"

I turn the generator off and the engine off and i sit there for a minute. Then I start it again. It works! Then doesn't. I coast 30 feet forward into the middle of the bridge. I try this again several more times. Nothing.

I pick up my cell phone and call my girlfriend. Straight to voicemail. I call again and again and again. Nothing. Then I call the house line, again and again and again. No one answers. I call my roomate. Doesn't answer. What the hell? I don't have triple a because I'm a business, and they don't do that kind of thing.

I send a text message to an old housemate. SHE RESPONDS! "I'll be right there with a gas can," she says. I tell her I'm afraid of heights so I can't get out of the car, even if she brings a gas can, I wouldn't be able to put it in.

So I'm sitting on the bridge that is really high above the water. Its swaying. I feel like I want to puke but I'm suprisingly calm considering. Everytime a truck goes by my vehicle rocks back and forth.

Suddenly behind me are flashing lights of a truck. A guy gets out and walks up to the window " I got a call to check on you" he says. He is very serious.

"I ran out of gas" I say " and I'm afraid of heights"
and that's when i lose it.

"Ok stay in the vehicle ma'am."

He proceeds to walk into the traffic lane and fill the tank with gas.

"try it now" he says


"ok, now"


my friend opens the door "don't worry," she says " this bridge has been here for a really long time, it's not going anywhere"



"ok lift the hood"

he tinkers with something.

"try it now"
It works.
"now get off this bridge" he says, and I do.

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01 March 2008 @ 11:36 pm
I decided to disobey housemates orders not to aquire more stuff. So today I went garage saling. The result was pretty good. I got

-a deck of playing cards
-a Zenith brand 5 record album. The cover is gold.
-a bottle opener thingie that has a magnet on the back
-10 food magazines.
-run dmc's greatest hits, on cassette.
-a cooler
-a strand of holiday lights
-2 unused art journals
-a childsized classical guitar
-a box of tupperware with lids
-nozzles for my garden hose
-a coffee grinder
-ceramic pots for plants

i spent $50 and 25 of that was for the guitar. I think i did pretty good.
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29 February 2008 @ 11:31 pm
You know what really really really pisses me off? Leap year. I hate leap year.

My pregnant friend Myriah X was trying to have her baby on leap year. She went to a bunch of clubs last night and was trying to "dance the baby out." I don't think it worked.

My new housemate threw a housewarming party tonite. It was fun. I was the perfect amount of drunk. The people were the perfect amount of nice and interesting.